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Invisible Skyscraper, 2014
Inkjet print, invisible ink drawing, UV flashlight, text, 80/120/3 cm

In 2004 the Brussels European Council approved the conclusion of the accession negotiations with Bulgaria and Romania. The borders in most European countries were open. Macedonia still doesn’t have candidate status. The country is shot through with corruption and nearly 40 percent unemployment. Macedonian citizens see a way out in Bulgarian citizenship, and hope that in Western Europe they will find a job. To get citizenship unless assurance of Bulgarian origin, the citizen must have a permanent address in Bulgaria. A very lucrative business starts. For a fee of 100 lev Bulgarian citizens ensure the foreigner’s formal residence in their home. Apartments with more than 600 persons appeared. A few years ago this was prohibited by the police. Instead, they enter a “fictional” work address on the street Lege 6. For several years at this address registers each new Bulgarian citizen who doesn’t lives in Bulgaria. By the end of 2011 there were living more than 20000 virtual citizens. Currently probably around 40000. If all these people gather in this place, the building would be higher than 4500 meters. With this altitude it would be the tallest building on the planet. There are rumors that the ultimate goal of this project is to fit inside 2500000 persons which means that the height will be more than 100 kilometers. This will make the building on street Lege 6 the highest structure in our solar system.